Sabina Telenska

Broker | REALTOR®

Meet Sabina

Sabina Telenska is no stranger to thriving under pressure, a trait she honed during her illustrious career as a world-class rowing champion. With two Olympic appearances representing the Czech National Rowing Team and two NCAA titles achieved at the University of Washington, Sabina's dedication and perseverance have been the driving force behind her accomplishments. Her journey has led her from the competitive world of sports to a successful career in Seattle's finance and tech sectors, eventually finding her true calling in the realm of real estate, where she has been helping clients buy and sell homes in the Greater Seattle area for over 20 years.

Her mantra is simple yet profound: "I'm customer obsessed." In Seattle's fiercely competitive luxury real estate market, this dedication is paramount. For sellers, it means staying ahead of pricing trends using cutting-edge technology, offering candid advice to prepare homes for sale, and masterfully negotiating to secure top-dollar deals. For buyers, Sabina becomes a steadfast partner, committed to the journey until they discover their perfect home. With a background in financial analysis, she possesses the acumen to swiftly pinpoint the ideal sale valuation or purchase offer.

When clients venture are on the search, she excels in guiding them toward homes that align with their needs and preferences in neighborhoods that resonate with their personalities. "It's all about the individual and what suits them best," she emphasizes. "To unearth that hidden gem, we assist them throughout the entire process, ensuring a seamless and effortless experience."

In her rare moments of leisure, you'll often find Sabina running or biking along the scenic shores of Lake Washington. Although she has hung up her oars from competitive rowing, she remains actively engaged with the Huskies' rowing program, serving as a distinguished member of its Board of Rowing Stewards. Sabina Telenska's journey is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence, both in her professional life and in her continued involvement with the sport she loves.