Jameson Moriarty

Broker | REALTOR®

Meet Jameson

With a lifelong connection to the world of real estate, I bring a unique and comprehensive perspective to the industry. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, I was immersed in the world of property and homeownership from a young age. Growing up, my parents were avid home flippers, and as a result, I had the privilege of living in over 20 different homes during my formative years. This upbringing instilled in me a profound appreciation for real estate and a sharp eye for the value and distinctiveness of each property.

My journey led me through various neighborhoods in Seattle, including Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, Belltown, Mercer Island, Issaquah, and even Camano Island. I began my educational journey at St. Anne's on Queen Anne and continued my primary education at St. Joseph on Capitol Hill. Throughout my endeavors at O'DEA High School, I maintained laser focus on achieving excellence within my academics, athletics and personal integrity. I then ventured to the University of Chicago, where I channeled my passion for finance, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Economics.

My postgraduate journey took me on a diverse path, from assisting in stock options trading in Chicago to managing business development for a family-owned independent medical examination firm in Seattle and Chicago. I also delved into the world of Hollywood, packaging and sourcing financing for independent films while in Los Angeles at ICM Partners. Eventually I embarked on global adventures including extensive solo travel around New Zealand, Australia and many parts of Asia, which offered me a broader perspective on the world and the many cultures and people that inhabit it. During this time, I became deeply involved in trading cryptocurrencies and investing in blockchain-based companies, further expanding my financial expertise.

Now, I have come full circle, returning to my hometown of Seattle to pursue my lifelong passion for real estate. Drawing from my diverse experiences and insights gained from around the world, I am dedicated to providing my clients with a truly unique and well-informed approach to real estate. I am excited to apply my deep-rooted love for the industry and my financial acumen to help individuals and families find their dream homes and make sound investments. My journey has brought me back to where it all began, and I am thrilled to embark on this new chapter in my real estate career, offering innovation, expertise, and a deep appreciation for the value of every property.